Wednesday, August 26, 2015

No Further Than a Lamp

I remember jotting down this short set of lyrics in college chapel years ago. The sentiment that was true then still is now. As much as we'd like to know the whole story about where our lives are going, God's loving wisdom only shows us that one little next step at a time.

I read His Word
For it has been my guide
In every thought,
Each turn that I decide;
But what He shows
Won't go as far as I would want to see,
I'll only know
One step ahead of me.

His Word is sure,
A light unto my path;
His love is pure,
And spares me from His wrath;
But I must trust
That though uncertain be my days,
He leads my way
No further than a lamp.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

'Tis Good to Know

Life is never going to be perfect. But it's truly good to know whom we have holding our hand.

‘Tis good to know amidst all earthly woe
That God’s great wisdom hath ordained it so;
And with a father’s love He stays His hand
That all who live beneath His dear command
Shall not be overcome by what’s bestowed.

When hardships strike the heart and crush the soul,
‘Tis good to know our God is in control;
And if He did allow the tears to flow,
His love, in greater measure, shall we know,
For in His arms, all wounds shall be made whole.

When expectations loom unfairly high,
‘Tis good to know our God is ever nigh;
And even if by earthly rules we fail,
It is His will that shall at end prevail,
And to His will alone we need comply.

Unparalleled by anything we face
‘Tis the sweet comfort of His warm embrace;
And when the weary shadowlands we leave,
No more to cry, to toil, to weep, to grieve,
‘Tis good to know we’ll reach a better place.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Perfect Plan

Life isn't always what we expect it to be. No matter how much we try to map out our own lives, we can't control how things truly do turn out. At the end of the day, embracing God's timeline is always the way to His perfect plans.

Verse 1:
When what You give is not to give
When You withhold as You think best
And when the life I have to live
Appears inferior to the rest,
I turn my heart to who You are,
To every way that You’re enough
Because have I or have I not,
It’s still a way You show Your love

No good thing do You withhold
From the ones who follow You
Every sheep within Your fold
Knows the Shepherd’s ever true
And no matter what You grant
I’ll take gladly from Your hand
Knowing that I can or can’t
Is still Your perfect plan.

Verse 2:
When I would try and fail to do,
When I can’t be what’s asked of me
And when whatever I pursue
Is not what You deem meant to be,
I turn my eyes to You on high
And ponder on Your perfect will
Because however I may fall,
You stay our God, and I’ll be still.