Saturday, August 04, 2007

Comfort of Comforts

There was recently a time when I ended a day with conversations with multiple friends who were having troubles great or small in their lives. I carried a heavy heart with me as I prayed for all of them that night. Their worries made me worry...yet as I entrusted their concerns to God, their trust made me to trust as well. I began this poem that evening, completing it the next morning. Great indeed is the comfort that a knowledge of God's sovereignty brings.

Though my confusions,
My worries and cares,
Follow me throughout
Life’s turbulent fares,
I seek my refuge
By trusting alone
On ev’ry promise
To those called His own.

Comfort of comforts,
What wonder to know
Every trial,
Each worry is so
Solely because our
Wise Father bestows
Each as a blessing
In plans just He knows.

I do not know what
His purpose will bring,
I cannot lie that
Each burden and sting
Is a great comfort
To my earthly flesh,
Yet yielding to Him,

I know all is best.