Monday, August 13, 2007

To Him I Cry

A recent worship rehearsal drove me me to tears for several reasons. Since it was fellowship night, my friends and family couldn't comfort me with their company. I was all alone in my sadness. At least, I thought I was...that loneliness, that helplessness led me to turn to Whom I must turn. A friend told me later on upon knowledge of the incident, "I am glad I wasn't around you then." Yes, I had to be alone. I had to remember Who was with me.

I finished these lyrics a few days afterwards. The words are not all mine, for some of them are my friend's. But I know what matters is the lesson, the spirit of the song. More than once since then, I have been laden down in burdens, irritation, or tears...but remembering at least, that I need look no farther than where I was.

Trapped in my own corner,
Abandoned by the world,
I feel just like a loner,
With no one here with me…
I need to cry to someone,
I need to rant this out,
I want to clutch a shoulder,
I need to sport a pout,

But everyone seems far away,
So far away from me…
And I can’t help but want to say,
“Lord, where on earth’s my company,
My friends, my family?
Where can I find a person who
Would listen now to me?”

Then suddenly I hit my head
The truth had just hit me,
I had the world’s best confidant
Right there with me…

“Okay, okay, You got me, Lord,
I don’t need them, and I
I won’t need anyone but You
No matter what goes by.

“I’m sorry, Lord, please have me now,”
I whisper with a sigh,
“I am all-satisfied in You.”
And so to Him I cry.
And so to Him I cry.
And so to Him I cry.