Sunday, October 21, 2012

If Only You Could See

Every time I enter a memorial chapel with my church's singing ensemble to bring songs of comfort, my heart goes out to the family members whose faces are drenched in tears and pale with sorrow. I feel incredibly sorry for their loss. But if only they could see their loved ones enjoying in heaven, perhaps the sorrow might not be so difficult to bear. And I hope these unique lyrics--written from the perspective of the one in heaven--might bring that comfort closer to home.

I dwell in mountains where the sun
Would never set in sorrow;
I live a day that's never done
And will never reach tomorrow.
I sing with birds of paradise
Eternal songs of gladness;
And jubilantly I arise
Without a trace of sadness.

If only you could see
Me dancing round in joy,
My body light and free
Of pain that once destroyed,
If only you could see
This everlasting day,
You'd stop to smile with me
And wipe your tears away.