Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Candy Woods

This is a fun little piece that I composed for my creative writing course back in Grade 9. It's nothing deep or meaningful, but it is cute and manages to capture my dreamy little spirit

Long, long ago I had a dream
About the candy woods;
The trees and flow’rs were wonderful,
The fruits were very good.

The pines were made of gingerbread,
Their cones of cinnamon;
The gumdrop flow’rs had diff’rent shades
Of blue, and red, and brown.

The oaks were made of chocolate,
Their leaves had icing rims;
The fruits were coated marshmallows
With dainty sugar trims.

The air there smelled of peppermint,
The sun shone glitt'ry beams;
Unfortunately, I woke up,
And it was all a dream.

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