Friday, December 15, 2006

Dearest Rachel

Dear Rachel, it's your eighteenth birthday! I still remember talking about our eighteenth birthdays so long ago. Time has flown, and now mine has passed and yours is here. We could not have imagined our current circumstances, but God knows best. Happy birthday! :)

Dearest Rachel, dearest friend,
Times have truly flown;
Now your girlhood’s at an end,
Life and future loom unknown.

I don’t know what lies in store
In the years ahead,
If you’ll have your dreams and more,
Or have tearful pains instead.

I just know that on this day,
You are worthy of
The best wishes I can say:
“Have more faith, and hope, and love.”

Yes, I’m so repetitive
That I seem a bore;
But these lessons learnt and lived
Shall be blessings evermore.

May true faith from Jesus Christ
Help you to be strong;
Though a Christian be despised
In this world of human wrong.

May a burning hope in you
Carry through all pain;
Though some dreams may prove untrue,
In your heart He’ll always reign.

May a solid, Christian love
Never cease to grow
In your heart as in above,
Through each day He should bestow.

Dearest Rachel, dearest friend,
May these vitues three
Guide you, mold you till the end,
When God’s woman you shall be.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Give My Heart a Mission, Lord

I wrote this poem during one of my devotions several years ago. It is a simple poem, but its simple request demands deeper sacrifice.

Give my heart a mission, Lord,
A vision for the lost;
Help me stand against all strife
And pay whate’er the cost.

Give my heart a mission, Lord,
To reach the ones You love;
Use my life to testify
The Way to heav’n above.

Give my heart a mission, Lord,
To share Your Word each day;
Put Your imprint in my life
In all I do and say.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Psalm 51

This is one of my favorite Psalms. Even during the era of Kingdom Israel, David had an understanding of his sinfulness and God's merciful forgiveness. "Create in me a clean heart, O God." How true indeed the prayer!

Be gracious unto me, O God,
According to Thy love;
Please let compassion overflow
From mercies kept above.

Please wash me from iniquity
And cleanse me from my sin;
Thou knoweth my trnsgressions, Lord,
And searcheth me within.

Against Thee only have I sinned,
Did evil in Thy sight—
That Thou art justified in speech
And judgeth in the right.

For I was born in wickedness
And was conceived in sin;
But Thou requireth purity
In parts deep and within.

Please cleanse me with the hyssop, Lord,
And then I shall be clean;
Please wash my spirit white as snow,
Let gladness soon be seen.

Let all the bones that Thou did break
Rejoice in joyful song;
Please hide Thy face from all my sins
And blot out all my wrong.

Create in me a brand new heart,
A steadfast spirit true;
Cast not me from Thy presence, Lord,
Thy Spirit, please keep through.

Restore to me that joyfulness
In Thy salvation found;
Help me to guide the sinners’ ears
Unto Thy gospel sound.

Deliever me from guiltiness,
My tongue shall sing of Thee;
Please let my lips declare Thy praise
Throughout eternity.

Thou art not pleased with offering
Though I would gladly give;
A contrite heart and broken soul
Are what my life should live.

Do good to Zion with Thy love,
Build up Jerus’lem’s walls;
Delight in righeous offerings
Giv’n from our best and all.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

More Than Gracious

Just a few days before the dedication of our new church building, I was tidying the house with a smile on my lips and glad thankfulness in my heart. As I carried the boxes around, the phrase "You are more than gracious to me" came effortlessly from my lips. Indeed, God is more than wonderful, more than amazing, and more than gracious to us. With gratitude and awe overflowing from my soul, I completed the song that very day.

Every time I look upon
All the blessings from above,
I can't help but wonder why You love me so.
All the sustenance and grace,
Every kind and smiling face,
Tell the care and tenderness that I must know.

For You are more than gracious to me
Every day and through the years,
Carrying through my joyous hours
As well as silent tears;
For You are more than gracious to me
More than I can ever tell;
Jesus Christ, Emmanuel,
My Savior, Lord, and King.

Every time I think about
All the mercies of Your love,
I will see the low unworthiness in me.
How You died on Calvary
So I'll live eternally
Is forever sacred in my memory.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Zion, Call Forth Every Soul

This is a piece that grew in its writing. Although a few sentences may yet need to be refined, I enjoy this little work for the fun that it gave me in writing it. I'm glad I managed to pass on the letter Q, but I had no choice but to compromise with letter X.

Almighty Sovereign, He is King
Beyond the farthest lands;
Come follow Him, all tribes and tongue,
Do heed His each command;
Eternal God, He reigns on high,
Forever glorious,
God over every universe,
High King o’er each of us;
Immortal Master of the earth,
Just, pure, omnipotent,
Kind, merciful, and full of grace,
Lamb, sacrificed for men;
More fair than roses in the field,
Ne’er shadowed by the sun,
Omniscient, searching mind and heart,
Perfector, God’s own Son;
Queen Sheba’s jewels fade ‘fore Him,
Rich magi bow their knee,
Such is the wonder of our King,
True, mighty majesty;
Unfathomable, never seen,
Voiced by creation’s best,
With gratefulness and joyous song,
eXalt Him from within.
Yet mighty God though He may be, He lends the weary rest.

Zion, call forth every soul, and praise Him with thy best!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Curtain of Dreams

This is a liberal adaptation of one of my favorite Chinese poems by the popular novelist Chung Yao. The story that originally contained the poem was about a Taiwanese young girl who was disliked by society because of her dreamy, unrealistic character. Her dreams finally did come true when a dashing millionaire married her and brought her to a life of fantastic romance in Europe.

My curtain of dreams
That glistens and gleams
So few people understand
The secrets you hold
Are so manifold
They stretch towards ev'ry land

The long years fly by
As I with a sigh
Keep wond'ring why there is none
Who would but redeem
Just one of my dreams
Yet now I'm still all alone

O where is the one
Who fin'ly would come
To be with me evermore
For he would esteem
My curtain of dreams
As much as I had before

Thursday, October 26, 2006


I wrote this short poem when I was around 12 years old. Although it has been several years since, the prayer found in this poem still rings true for me every day of my Christian walk.

All that I am and hope to be,
I consecrate, my Lord, to Thee;
While I may well unworthy be,
Use me, my Lord, to glory Thee.

My life, my soul, and all of me,
I give to Thee eternally;
No matter what the 'morrow be,
My ev'rything will be for Thee.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Candy Woods

This is a fun little piece that I composed for my creative writing course back in Grade 9. It's nothing deep or meaningful, but it is cute and manages to capture my dreamy little spirit

Long, long ago I had a dream
About the candy woods;
The trees and flow’rs were wonderful,
The fruits were very good.

The pines were made of gingerbread,
Their cones of cinnamon;
The gumdrop flow’rs had diff’rent shades
Of blue, and red, and brown.

The oaks were made of chocolate,
Their leaves had icing rims;
The fruits were coated marshmallows
With dainty sugar trims.

The air there smelled of peppermint,
The sun shone glitt'ry beams;
Unfortunately, I woke up,
And it was all a dream.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Sweet Sixteen

This is an article I wrote in early 2005. Though I know this posting seems rather belated right now, I still would like to share it. After all, the lesson of this article is something I am still learning every day.

I passed my sixteenth birthday on August 3, 2004. Before the actual day came, many people asked how old I was turning. When I answered, they all reacted, “Oh, sweet sixteen!” I laughed along with everybody else. Deep inside, however, I was feeling down. I sadly thought how I probably wouldn’t have a year of “sweet sixteen.” Like other girls, I had my share of crushes, but I couldn’t imagine anyone liking me.

I spent my birthday at home that year without any cakes or gifts. In the evening, I wrote in my journal:

“Lord, You are the Lover of my soul. I pray that this year be a year of special sweetness between You and me. Please fill me with Your beauty. Lord, please keep me from focusing on how many and what kind of material gifts I receive. Instead, please help me offer my life to You as a small gift in return for sixteen years of grace. Lord, I thank You for today. The day was not spent in pomp or gaiety. It was not built around me. It was a very simple birthday without the slightest celebration. Yet Lord, if You enable me to keep my commitments of purity, love, and devotion, this can be one of the sweetest birthdays of my life.”

November 21, 2004 was one of the happiest days of my life. After undergoing ten weeks of baptismal class, I was officially baptized as a member of UECMalabon. As I stood before people to pledge my devotion to Christ, I felt His love in my heart. I knew then that God has answered my prayer. With Jesus as the Lover of my soul, I would definitely have my “sweet sixteen.”

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Turn My Eyes, Lord, Back to Jesus

I do not know how this post got "unpublished." Since it has, however, I am now republishing it. Perhaps as I face loads of studies, family duties, and ministerial responsibilities, God just wants to remind me once more than I am to focus on Him alone.

In the life that I assume from day to day,
In the midst of all my work, and chores, and play,
Through the countless cries and cares to overcome,
There is little time to silent down and pray.

All the duties that I find surrounding me,
School and work and friends and church and family,
Often take away the focus of my heart
Far from whom I know it really ought to be.

Turn my eyes, Lord, back to Jesus,
Veer my courses back to Him.
Turn my eyes, Lord, back to Jesus,
Make my life an offering.
Turn my eyes, Lord, back to Jesus,
Cleanse me from my ev’ry sin.
Turn my eyes, Lord, back to Jesus,
Make me new again within.

Friday, September 29, 2006

The Little Christian

This is one of my longer poems. The rhyme scheme is not consistent, and there are certain lines that do not exactly enhance the poem. However, this is a simple little story that I would like to share with all of my fellow Christians who are in service. In the midst of our labors, may we learn from the experience of this little Christian.

There was a little Christian
Who’s working for the Lord.
He strived for pure perfection,
Gave all he could afford.

He worked from day to evening,
From nighttime until dawn.
He never stopped for resting,
But labored on and on.

His pray’rs were short and blurry;
His family’s in discord,
But what could come ‘fore duty?
He’s working for the Lord.

Then came the day when Christian,
So tired without, within,
Was tempted by a trifle,
The tiniest of sins.

“It wouldn’t hurt me deeply,”
He mused within himself,
“Just grant this ‘musement to me,
I’ll shun everything else.”

So Christian tried his ‘musement
And liked it more and more
Until in sounded decent
To try it to the core.

One sin followed another,
And soon he couldn’t stop
Each time he would say, “Never,”
Each time his strength would drop.

Poor Christian lived in anguish,
Hypocrisy and tears.
He clearly knew God’s wishes,
But sin was still too dear.

Until the day when Jesus,
In anger and in love
Reminded him the reasons
To turn to God above.

God loves His little children
And turns them from their sins
If they set eyes on heaven
And trust their lives to Him.

Poor Christian cried so sadly,
Repented then and there.
Then tenderly and gladly,
He prayed his little pray’r.

“Lord, wrongly have I served You,
And wrongly have I lived.
My eyes please turn towards You,
My sins please now forgive.”

Today that little Christian
Is working for the Lord.
Now with but one intention—
That Gods’ name be adored.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Quiet Time Reflections

Each time I sit down upon my desk, longing to enter the presence of God, I feel an impulse to write of my personal relationship with Him. Sometimes, those reflections result in simple verses that reflect simple desires for an awesome God.

June 25, 2006
Today's Your day, O Lord, my King,
For You alone my soul does sing;
Your mercy lasts from dawn to dawn
With lovingkindness fresh as spring.
Forgive my sins, and cleanse me now,
Fill up my heart and show me how
To live for You from day to day
That I before Your throne may bow.

July 9, 2006
O Father God, I come into
Your holy house of praise today.
Please consecrate my heart for You,
Forgive my grievous sins, I pray.
You are Almighty, King of kings,
And yet a child You make of me;
To You will my whole spirit sing,
To You must my devotion be.
You loved me first 'fore I loved You,
So help me love with love as true.

August 6, 2006
O Lord, my God, You are the King,
The song my heart and soul do sing;
The wonders of the earth proclaim
The glamour of Your holy name.
O Father God, may my life be
A testimony all can see,
A written page by Your own hand,
A beacon leading safe to land.

August 13, 2006
My Heavenly Father, here I stand,
Before You once again;
Please guide me with Your tender hand
To shine before all men.
Please cleanse my heart and make it true
As worshipping I come;
Please turn my courses back to You,
My audience of One.

September 17, 2006
My Father, God, I come to Thee
Impure, unrighteous, worn, and ill;
Again I've wandered from Thy will
To seek what only pleases me.
Please cleanse me, Lord, this is my pray'r,
I beg Thy mercy to descend;
I ask another chance, True Friend,
To be Thy servant ev'rywhere.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Job's Answer

At the end of his suffering, Job was confronted by Almighty God. God hurled question after question at Job, asking him about the inexplicable wonders of creation. At the conclusion of their discourse, Job could only utter a humble confession, acknowledging the sovereignty and wisdom of the Lord above anything man's mind could conceive. The following is a versification of Job 42:2-6.

I know that You can do all things,
Your purposes prove true.
Though I declared things I knew not,
Those things were known to You.
Instruct me, Lord, this is my pray’r,
Speak now, and I will hear.
For though I’d heard of You before,
My eyes now see You near.
So I retract what I pronounced,
In ashes I repent,
For no soul living on this earth
Can know Your great intent.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

For All Eternity

This is a set of lyrics I wrote several years ago. All this time, none of my composing partners have been able to come up with a complete tune for it. Even so, however, I still hold them close to my heart. Although they may have their imperfections, I love these lyrics for their universal message. God sent His Son to save us, and now we may live in Him for all eternity.

I once believed in all the things the people taught to me.
I thought there couldn’t be a God that no one ever sees.
I thought there wasn’t such a thing as true eternity,
But should the road just end one day, what would become of me?

I heard the story of a man who died on Calvary
Who loved the world so much that He would die to set men free.
I couldn’t help but wonder why he died so willingly,
And should the road just end today, will He be there for me?

O Jesus, Christ, the Prince of Peace, You gave Your all for me.
You brought me everlasting life by death on Calvary.
There is no other person who will be as dear to me.
I offer up to You my life for all eternity.

The day arrived when I picked up a book I used to see,
An aged book I never thought could be a part of me.
As I read on I realized it’s teaching me to be
A child of God much better than the sinner found in me.

Today I love above the world the man on Calvary.
I know He lives within my heart where I can’t touch or see.
I know He is perfecting me to last eternity,
And should my road just end today, He will be there for me.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I Often Hope That I Might Be

I composed this poem on my seventeenth birthday. I have been a dreamer all of my life, and my fantasies have often brought me to glamour, romance, and thrill beyond compare. Consequently, there would be times when I would feel envious of the characters in my dreams. Why could I not be like them?

I often hope that I might be
A poet of the best degree,
Whose pen employed ten thousand words,
Whose verses spanned eternity.

I often hope that I might be
A princess fair for all to see,
Whose portraits spread to lands unheard,
Whose favor men gave all to plea.

I often hope that I might be
A painter of life’s memories,
Whose brushes moved the land astir,
Whose works adorned the galleries.

I often hope that I might be
Like this, like that, like he, or she,
But I know God could not have erred,

But made me just for being me.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Christian's Praise

This is one of my earliest poems. After struggling with meter and style during my preteen years, I finally managed to complete this poem for our church bulletin. I had rejoiced over the fact that Jesus' life was set against places all with three-sylable names, and I quickly used that observation for a poem. I personally love this poem for its pure, simple, but glorious theme. There are no doubts, no shadows, and no grievances. This poem was written out of childlike faith, celebrating the wonder of Christ's life.

Long, long ago, in Bethlehem,
There lay a child in heav’nly peace
The angels sang of His dear birth,
The hosts declared of sorrows ceased.

Long, long ago, in Nazareth,
There grew a boy so pure and kind.
The people praised His tender heart,
The teachers marveled at His mind.

Long, long ago in Galilee,
There stayed a man with wisdom true.
The people gathered unto him,
The blind and lame He healed anew.

Long, long ago, on Calvary,
There died a King by God’s design.
The crowds demanded for His death,
The loyal friends’ sworn faith declined.

Three long days passed, then suddenly,
The buried man returned to life.
Redemption was completed then,
Man’s souls were ever freed from strife.

Today and onwards, up in heav’n,
Lord Jesus reigns by God’s right hand.
The righteous stand in reverence,
The Christians praise throughout the land.

Poetry, Poetry

This poem came to me unexpected. I had been experiencing a writing draught during the time of its writing. For months and months, I had been unable to produce even the most simple rhymes or short stories. As I sat at my desk that evening, laden with insomnia, staring at the blank sheets, frustration almost overwhelmed me. With my tired hand, I helplessly scribbled, "Poetry, poetry, please come to me." Then the poem did come.

Poetry, poetry, please come to me,
Under this pen that I offer to thee.

Thou art the fairest in literature’s realm;
Thou art the master of literature’s themes.

Thou art the dirge of all humankind’s tears;
Thou art the cry of all humankind’s fears.

Thou art the tune of all humankind’s joys;
Thou art the song which all nature employs.

Thou art the painter of history’s scenes;
Thou art the lantern of youth’s highest dreams.

Thou art the comfort when days roll in pain;
Thou art the minstrel when peace is regained.

Poetry, poetry, precious to me,

Come to me under this pen giv’n to thee.