Sunday, January 21, 2007

Let Me Live

This poem is a product of my dabbling in Latin. May the Lord help me to live with faith, with hope, with joy, with love, with peace, and with gratefulness--no matter what the time and no matter what the language.

When foggy doubts surround Thy will,
When hardened words my prayers fill,
Please help me, Lord, to trust Thee still;

Cum fide
let me live.
When burdens weigh with every stride,
When human strength fails to provide,
Please help me e’er in Thee abide;

Cum spe
please let me live.
Though troubles darken daily skies,
Though worries endlessly arise,
I drink to Thee with joyful eyes;
Cum gaudio I live

When loved ones cease to love me so,
When friends no longer friendship show,
Thy love I’ll still believe and know;

let me live
When hurt, distrust, and pain I bear,
When turbulence rocks every care,
Please let me in Thy promise share;

Cum pace
let me live
Though I know not Thy purposes,
Though I may lose all I possess,
Your faithfulness I’ll e’er confess;

Cum gratia I’ll live


Anonymous said...

I believe it is "possess" not "posses" :)

Provoking poem. :)

Wenslyn said...

Hey, thanks! Whoever you are :) I guess that one word just slipped through my proofreading. I just fixed it right now :)