Friday, September 29, 2006

The Little Christian

This is one of my longer poems. The rhyme scheme is not consistent, and there are certain lines that do not exactly enhance the poem. However, this is a simple little story that I would like to share with all of my fellow Christians who are in service. In the midst of our labors, may we learn from the experience of this little Christian.

There was a little Christian
Who’s working for the Lord.
He strived for pure perfection,
Gave all he could afford.

He worked from day to evening,
From nighttime until dawn.
He never stopped for resting,
But labored on and on.

His pray’rs were short and blurry;
His family’s in discord,
But what could come ‘fore duty?
He’s working for the Lord.

Then came the day when Christian,
So tired without, within,
Was tempted by a trifle,
The tiniest of sins.

“It wouldn’t hurt me deeply,”
He mused within himself,
“Just grant this ‘musement to me,
I’ll shun everything else.”

So Christian tried his ‘musement
And liked it more and more
Until in sounded decent
To try it to the core.

One sin followed another,
And soon he couldn’t stop
Each time he would say, “Never,”
Each time his strength would drop.

Poor Christian lived in anguish,
Hypocrisy and tears.
He clearly knew God’s wishes,
But sin was still too dear.

Until the day when Jesus,
In anger and in love
Reminded him the reasons
To turn to God above.

God loves His little children
And turns them from their sins
If they set eyes on heaven
And trust their lives to Him.

Poor Christian cried so sadly,
Repented then and there.
Then tenderly and gladly,
He prayed his little pray’r.

“Lord, wrongly have I served You,
And wrongly have I lived.
My eyes please turn towards You,
My sins please now forgive.”

Today that little Christian
Is working for the Lord.
Now with but one intention—
That Gods’ name be adored.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Wenslyn, The poem had a great impact to me. We should really strive for perfection when we do our task for the Lord. And we should always check our motives. Most of the time, We tend to do something "Holy" that makes us to be glorified instead rather than God. =) -Ryan A.K.A. Peter