Saturday, November 12, 2011

Heaven's Eye

"It's all a matter of perspective," people like to say. In a sense, that is true. No problems in life are insurmountable and many measly things are valuable....when we view the world through heaven's eyes.

Verse 1:
When I only use my earthly vision,
I would see my troubles looming high;
But I learn to live through each condition
Looking at my life through Heaven's eye.

Though I, looking up, am seeing mountains,
He is looking down and seeing plains;
Though life's trials come and go each moment,
He, omnipotent, will always remain.

Verse 2:
As I face each challenge life may bring me,
I won't harbor sorrow or complain;
Knowing that my God provides completely,
I can smile through tears and laugh through pain.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Two Plus Two

This song, a wedding gift for my best friend and her groom, is inspired by their first meeting years ago at a nationwide high school math contest. It is also a tribute to how God has led their lives together. As for the bad arithmetic in the song...I take the blame. Congratulations, Abi and Fitz!

Verse 1:
I planned my life with fierce precision,
Counted every day,
Calculated each decision,
Charted every way.
Yet with you came a revelation
To these plans I owned,
With you came a new equation
I had never known...

Where two minds plus two hearts
Is equal to one,
How greater and higher
Was what the Lord had done.
For I could, I could never
Calculate your love
When two plus two is one.

Verse 2:
I dreamed my dreams through each occasion,
Formed each fantasy,
Gathered all the information
As to what I'll be.
Yet with you came a revelation
To these dreams I owned,
With you came a new equation
I had never known...