Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A Sweeter Song

I have thought much about which composition to choose as my new year post. And this song...written long ago in the midst of heartache...finally emerged as the best choice. No matter what my foolishness might tend to do, may the new year bring me closer and closer to my Savior, as I live a lifesong of satisfaction and love to Him.

I brought to You my foolish dreams
And threw them up to You,
Requesting that You faithfully
Make all of them come true.
"I'd do my best, You do the rest,"
As long as each of them comes true...

I brought to You a battered heart,

All torn beyond console,
Requesting that You faithfully
Redeem and make it whole.
You tore it more, and then restored
That sweeter song unto my soul...


A sweeter song I sing
Of all that's pure and true,
A song no man can bring
Though everything he do,
A song my life resounds,
A song of love profound,
A song of love I found,
When satisfied in You.