Monday, May 28, 2007

Image of Your Heart

This is a set of lyrics that I originally wrote for the theme song of our summer camp "Heartsync." Since the camp did not prefer another original song that year, this song remains in my archive.

So many voices in the world
Say what I ought to be
From people and from things that want
To take control of me.
Yet louder than these voices is
A call from up above—
A call to walk the footsteps
You have planted by Your love.

In the image of Your heart,

Make me, Lord.
By the power of Your love,

Mold me, Lord.
For the pleasure of Your will,

Change me now.
Through the blessing of Your blood,

Make me Yours.

So many times I’ve turned away
To less important things,
And wandered from the principles
Set by the King of kings.
Renew my heart today, O Lord,
That I may grow to be
The person that You had in mind
When You created me.