Saturday, January 17, 2009

Shadow of the Cross

Near the end of the year 2008, I fidgeted in my plane seat, on my way home to the Philippines. And as I sorted through my hopes for the year to come, I realized that the only desire worth having would be to live with a constant awareness and assurance of Christ's redemptive sacrifice. I scribbled down these words as I went through the air...oh Lord, in every day to come, please keep me near the shadow of the cross!

Verse 1:
You are Lord of heaven,
Owner of all things,
Author of each harmony
Humankind can sing;
Yet you left Your heaven,
Came to die for me,
Paying all redemption that
I might be made free.

Lord, You loved in such humility...
Help me now to be as You would be...

Keep me near the shadow of the cross,
Make my soul abandoned to its frame;
Help me count all gain to be as loss,
So I'd live to glorify Your name.

Verse 2:
I was born a sinner,
Living selfishly,
Proudly thinking I could own
Yet You loved this sinner,
And Your love bestowed
Grace that led my eyes to see
All that I now know.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Strength Each Day

In the midst of personal aspirations and external expectations, it can be easy to be disappointed about the results of our strivings. Yet with careful thought, one realizes that God is so much closer when we feel the need for Him moment after moment, day after day. God gave me this poem in the heat of college pressure, and it will continue to be my encouragement in days to come.

How often in our hearts we hope,
That we might shine in all we do,
Yet somehow, though we strive and grope,
He would not let our dreams come true.

For there are times we have the need

To know we've come to our end,
That we might learn to fully heed,
Our one and only, truest Friend.

His strength shall be our lasting aid,
His joy shall be our constant song,
And when 'fore Him our cares we've laid,
We've strength each day--however long.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Stay in the Castle

In a booklet entitled "Stay in the Castle," a Christian author writes of the importance of waiting upon God's timing for the perfect romance. It is an inspiring tale, and as our collegian (college girls' organization) staged this little story, I was moved to write this song. May every young lady truly learn to stay in the castle, trusting and waiting for our Father's perfect plans.

You dream about that special day,
When love will finally come;
You dream about how he would say
He loves you as his own.

That sparkle in your eyes
As they look beyond these walls,
Awaiting every sunrise,
But child, please realize…

That I have plans for you,
More than all your dreams-come-true,
And more than anything your heart
Will have you do.
However long it takes,
I will never make mistakes,
Stay in the castle
With Me.