Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Turn My Eyes, Lord, Back to Jesus

I do not know how this post got "unpublished." Since it has, however, I am now republishing it. Perhaps as I face loads of studies, family duties, and ministerial responsibilities, God just wants to remind me once more than I am to focus on Him alone.

In the life that I assume from day to day,
In the midst of all my work, and chores, and play,
Through the countless cries and cares to overcome,
There is little time to silent down and pray.

All the duties that I find surrounding me,
School and work and friends and church and family,
Often take away the focus of my heart
Far from whom I know it really ought to be.

Turn my eyes, Lord, back to Jesus,
Veer my courses back to Him.
Turn my eyes, Lord, back to Jesus,
Make my life an offering.
Turn my eyes, Lord, back to Jesus,
Cleanse me from my ev’ry sin.
Turn my eyes, Lord, back to Jesus,
Make me new again within.


Smile By! said...

I've missed this song so much from last time we sang this together. I guess why I really liked it is clear from the lyrics - because it is so true. MOst of the time, when we are not alert, that's the time when other things fill up our life and take the place of Jesus. Nice song! Hope to see more song from you! :P

Anonymous said...

Love to hear the melody for this song. Unfortunately, I'm not yet a part of UECM when this song is still a hit. :-( Peter Pilgrim