Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Christian's Praise

This is one of my earliest poems. After struggling with meter and style during my preteen years, I finally managed to complete this poem for our church bulletin. I had rejoiced over the fact that Jesus' life was set against places all with three-sylable names, and I quickly used that observation for a poem. I personally love this poem for its pure, simple, but glorious theme. There are no doubts, no shadows, and no grievances. This poem was written out of childlike faith, celebrating the wonder of Christ's life.

Long, long ago, in Bethlehem,
There lay a child in heav’nly peace
The angels sang of His dear birth,
The hosts declared of sorrows ceased.

Long, long ago, in Nazareth,
There grew a boy so pure and kind.
The people praised His tender heart,
The teachers marveled at His mind.

Long, long ago in Galilee,
There stayed a man with wisdom true.
The people gathered unto him,
The blind and lame He healed anew.

Long, long ago, on Calvary,
There died a King by God’s design.
The crowds demanded for His death,
The loyal friends’ sworn faith declined.

Three long days passed, then suddenly,
The buried man returned to life.
Redemption was completed then,
Man’s souls were ever freed from strife.

Today and onwards, up in heav’n,
Lord Jesus reigns by God’s right hand.
The righteous stand in reverence,
The Christians praise throughout the land.

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Smile By! said...

I really liked the chronoligical time sequence in this poem. It gives more meaning to why we should be praising God!