Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Summit

Struggles abound in life no matter how ideal one's situation may seem to be. Trials serve a purpose, but as much as I would like to think that I would eventually know the "why" behind every difficulty, there's no promise of such understanding on this side of heaven. Nonetheless, I pray for the faith to finish this journey.

I wanted, Lord, to stand atop the mountain,
But not to scale its treacherous ascent;
But though I knew that vict’ry was for certain,
I had to learn what faith and patience meant.

For if I were to stand upon the mountain,
I had to know how best to fare up there;
So while Your perfect blessing is for certain,
It comes to only those who learn to bear
With all the twists and turnings of the pathway
That lead towards the summit’s glorious day

So help me, Lord, to never be disheartened
When days grow dark and narrow paths grow steep,
To not compare how others may have charted
But bear the yoke you’ve given me to keep.

And as I climb along this mighty mountain,
Please grant me the humility to bear
The thoughts and feelings that would be for certain
Awaiting those who finally get there.
And help me realize that on this pathway,
I gain what I would need that final day.