Sunday, September 06, 2009

Every Line of Poetry

If ever I did was only by the grace of our Savior. And as I soon return to an academic environment, I am determined to still walk closely with our Lord, to let Him hold my heart and my hands, and by His leading, to continue writing His wonders and truths. Lord Jesus, I love You.

Oh Lord, I know so well in me

That every line of poetry
That I could ever write
Is written by Your precious grace
Upon each titter and each trace,
And by Your strength and might.

And every time that I draw near
And learn to keep You close and dear,
You make my hand to write
So many words of wondrous truth
To aide, to guide, to cheer, to soothe,
And to uphold the right.

And yet whenever I divert
And do what in Your heart would hurt
Or pain You in Your sight,
You answer silence to my plea
And take these words away from me
So that I cease to write.

Oh Lord, please let it never be
That I would wander aimlessly
And turn to my own plight;
But let my pen be Yours to use
To give Your praises all their dues,
And to uphold Your light.