Sunday, September 10, 2006

For All Eternity

This is a set of lyrics I wrote several years ago. All this time, none of my composing partners have been able to come up with a complete tune for it. Even so, however, I still hold them close to my heart. Although they may have their imperfections, I love these lyrics for their universal message. God sent His Son to save us, and now we may live in Him for all eternity.

I once believed in all the things the people taught to me.
I thought there couldn’t be a God that no one ever sees.
I thought there wasn’t such a thing as true eternity,
But should the road just end one day, what would become of me?

I heard the story of a man who died on Calvary
Who loved the world so much that He would die to set men free.
I couldn’t help but wonder why he died so willingly,
And should the road just end today, will He be there for me?

O Jesus, Christ, the Prince of Peace, You gave Your all for me.
You brought me everlasting life by death on Calvary.
There is no other person who will be as dear to me.
I offer up to You my life for all eternity.

The day arrived when I picked up a book I used to see,
An aged book I never thought could be a part of me.
As I read on I realized it’s teaching me to be
A child of God much better than the sinner found in me.

Today I love above the world the man on Calvary.
I know He lives within my heart where I can’t touch or see.
I know He is perfecting me to last eternity,
And should my road just end today, He will be there for me.

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