Friday, March 16, 2012

Calm the Storm in Me

Big and small decisions come throughout life; and very often, I struggle with what to choose. Every time I read this poem, I remember to hand any doubt to my Master. He is my guide in matters great and small. And I trustingly leave my heart and life in His hands, because He always knows best.

No tempests, winds, or mighty storms
Compare to storms that tear
Within my heart in many forms
Of choices, thoughts, and care.

I do not know which path to choose,
Which way my heart should go.
I cannot bear to ever lose
These things I treasure so.

Lord, You make mountains bow to You,
You calm the raging sea,
And with Your firm, yet tender love,
Please calm the storm in me.

Lord, I lay still and let You reign.
My heart is in Your hand.
And through the winds and through the rain,
You'll guide me safe to land.