Saturday, November 25, 2006

Psalm 51

This is one of my favorite Psalms. Even during the era of Kingdom Israel, David had an understanding of his sinfulness and God's merciful forgiveness. "Create in me a clean heart, O God." How true indeed the prayer!

Be gracious unto me, O God,
According to Thy love;
Please let compassion overflow
From mercies kept above.

Please wash me from iniquity
And cleanse me from my sin;
Thou knoweth my trnsgressions, Lord,
And searcheth me within.

Against Thee only have I sinned,
Did evil in Thy sight—
That Thou art justified in speech
And judgeth in the right.

For I was born in wickedness
And was conceived in sin;
But Thou requireth purity
In parts deep and within.

Please cleanse me with the hyssop, Lord,
And then I shall be clean;
Please wash my spirit white as snow,
Let gladness soon be seen.

Let all the bones that Thou did break
Rejoice in joyful song;
Please hide Thy face from all my sins
And blot out all my wrong.

Create in me a brand new heart,
A steadfast spirit true;
Cast not me from Thy presence, Lord,
Thy Spirit, please keep through.

Restore to me that joyfulness
In Thy salvation found;
Help me to guide the sinners’ ears
Unto Thy gospel sound.

Deliever me from guiltiness,
My tongue shall sing of Thee;
Please let my lips declare Thy praise
Throughout eternity.

Thou art not pleased with offering
Though I would gladly give;
A contrite heart and broken soul
Are what my life should live.

Do good to Zion with Thy love,
Build up Jerus’lem’s walls;
Delight in righeous offerings
Giv’n from our best and all.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

More Than Gracious

Just a few days before the dedication of our new church building, I was tidying the house with a smile on my lips and glad thankfulness in my heart. As I carried the boxes around, the phrase "You are more than gracious to me" came effortlessly from my lips. Indeed, God is more than wonderful, more than amazing, and more than gracious to us. With gratitude and awe overflowing from my soul, I completed the song that very day.

Every time I look upon
All the blessings from above,
I can't help but wonder why You love me so.
All the sustenance and grace,
Every kind and smiling face,
Tell the care and tenderness that I must know.

For You are more than gracious to me
Every day and through the years,
Carrying through my joyous hours
As well as silent tears;
For You are more than gracious to me
More than I can ever tell;
Jesus Christ, Emmanuel,
My Savior, Lord, and King.

Every time I think about
All the mercies of Your love,
I will see the low unworthiness in me.
How You died on Calvary
So I'll live eternally
Is forever sacred in my memory.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Zion, Call Forth Every Soul

This is a piece that grew in its writing. Although a few sentences may yet need to be refined, I enjoy this little work for the fun that it gave me in writing it. I'm glad I managed to pass on the letter Q, but I had no choice but to compromise with letter X.

Almighty Sovereign, He is King
Beyond the farthest lands;
Come follow Him, all tribes and tongue,
Do heed His each command;
Eternal God, He reigns on high,
Forever glorious,
God over every universe,
High King o’er each of us;
Immortal Master of the earth,
Just, pure, omnipotent,
Kind, merciful, and full of grace,
Lamb, sacrificed for men;
More fair than roses in the field,
Ne’er shadowed by the sun,
Omniscient, searching mind and heart,
Perfector, God’s own Son;
Queen Sheba’s jewels fade ‘fore Him,
Rich magi bow their knee,
Such is the wonder of our King,
True, mighty majesty;
Unfathomable, never seen,
Voiced by creation’s best,
With gratefulness and joyous song,
eXalt Him from within.
Yet mighty God though He may be, He lends the weary rest.

Zion, call forth every soul, and praise Him with thy best!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Curtain of Dreams

This is a liberal adaptation of one of my favorite Chinese poems by the popular novelist Chung Yao. The story that originally contained the poem was about a Taiwanese young girl who was disliked by society because of her dreamy, unrealistic character. Her dreams finally did come true when a dashing millionaire married her and brought her to a life of fantastic romance in Europe.

My curtain of dreams
That glistens and gleams
So few people understand
The secrets you hold
Are so manifold
They stretch towards ev'ry land

The long years fly by
As I with a sigh
Keep wond'ring why there is none
Who would but redeem
Just one of my dreams
Yet now I'm still all alone

O where is the one
Who fin'ly would come
To be with me evermore
For he would esteem
My curtain of dreams
As much as I had before