Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Amazing Grace

Grace, grace, grace...somehow the majority of my recent compositions have revolved around that word. Yet who could ever experience grace enough? I was not facing any trials or worries when I wrote this poem, but the grace that was sufficient then is still sufficient now. His grace is ever more than enough, amazing grace indeed.

“Amazing grace,” they often say
And quote from day to day;
“Amazing grace,” they so recite
At home, at work, at play.

“Amazing grace!” so they exclaim
When they have reached their aim,
“Amazing grace!” they would delight
When countless blessings came.

Yet which of us within this place
Would shout it on the days
When only wrong comes from the right
And troubles block our ways?

Amazing grace…more than enough
For times both smooth and rough
Will be the comfort of my plight
Through tests and trials tough.

“Amazing grace!” shall be my cry
Though times call for a sigh,
For by His grace I claim that Light
Who brightens every sky.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Wasted, Tired, Torn, and Worn

Ever tried to find God's promises in your own name? The feeling is quite amazing.

Wasted, tired, torn, and worn,
Ever faithless to my King,
Now I come with form forlorn,
Shamed with everything I bring.
Lovingly Your eyes You show,
“Yet will I forsake you, child,

Never will I let you go.”

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bend in the Road

At the end of the book Anne of Green Gables, Anne faces "a bend in the road" as she weighs circumstances and considers major decisions during her late teens. After reading that novel years ago, I wholeheartedly identify with Anne now. Yet just like her, in the midst of conflicting thoughts, plans, and emotions, I trust there is something better in store, around this bend in the road.

Gingerly, carefully, holding my breath,
Taking so sparingly each tiny step
On to the future which blurringly bodes
Round yonder corner, that bend in the road.

“Lord, I can’t see You,” I fearfully cry.
“Lord, I can’t feel You,” I tearfully sigh.
Still I’m led forward as each step unfolds,
T’ward yonder corner, that bend in the road.

Chilly the wind blows, and softly the rain
Pecks on my elbows and over the plain.
“Lord, let me trust You,” I cling to this ode,
Nearing that corner, that bend in the road.

I dare not wonder what’s over the bend,
I know not what will be started or end’d,
“God gives the best,” this the promise bestowed,

He will be with me o’er bend in the road.