Thursday, March 15, 2007

Solomon's Prayer

I am both surprised and thankful when I realize that it has already been almost a year since we dedicated our new church building to God. When I recall that event, my mind goes back to Solomon at the dedication of the Jerusalem temple, and I long to declare along with Him, "Blessed are You, Lord."

Verse 1:
Almighty, there is none like You

in heaven or on earth,
You’ve shown Your lovingkindness as

the God of endless worth;
You promised countless blessings to

the people who obeyed
And You fulfilled them—every one—

until this very day.

Blessed be the Lord,

who guards the ones He loves,
Blessed be the Lord,

may He abide with us.
May He incline our hearts to Him,

to walk in all His ways,
May our devotion be to Him

until the end of days.

Verse 2:
O Lord, this house cannot contain

the glory of Your face,
Yet we beseech that You descend

among us in this place;
Please listen to our prayers and

forgive our sins today.
Please bless the righteous ones who chose

Your truth to be their way.

Our Father, please empower us

to share Your glorious name
That all the peoples of the earth

may give to You acclaim.

Blessed are You Lord,

You guard the ones You love,
Blessed are You Lord,

may You abide with us,
May You incline our hearts to You,

to walk in all Your ways,
May our devotion be to You

until the end of days.