Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Stay in the Castle

In a booklet entitled "Stay in the Castle," a Christian author writes of the importance of waiting upon God's timing for the perfect romance. It is an inspiring tale, and as our collegian (college girls' organization) staged this little story, I was moved to write this song. May every young lady truly learn to stay in the castle, trusting and waiting for our Father's perfect plans.

You dream about that special day,
When love will finally come;
You dream about how he would say
He loves you as his own.

That sparkle in your eyes
As they look beyond these walls,
Awaiting every sunrise,
But child, please realize…

That I have plans for you,
More than all your dreams-come-true,
And more than anything your heart
Will have you do.
However long it takes,
I will never make mistakes,
Stay in the castle
With Me.