Saturday, November 18, 2006

More Than Gracious

Just a few days before the dedication of our new church building, I was tidying the house with a smile on my lips and glad thankfulness in my heart. As I carried the boxes around, the phrase "You are more than gracious to me" came effortlessly from my lips. Indeed, God is more than wonderful, more than amazing, and more than gracious to us. With gratitude and awe overflowing from my soul, I completed the song that very day.

Every time I look upon
All the blessings from above,
I can't help but wonder why You love me so.
All the sustenance and grace,
Every kind and smiling face,
Tell the care and tenderness that I must know.

For You are more than gracious to me
Every day and through the years,
Carrying through my joyous hours
As well as silent tears;
For You are more than gracious to me
More than I can ever tell;
Jesus Christ, Emmanuel,
My Savior, Lord, and King.

Every time I think about
All the mercies of Your love,
I will see the low unworthiness in me.
How You died on Calvary
So I'll live eternally
Is forever sacred in my memory.

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