Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lord, As I Come to You

This is a song that I wrote for use in my personal quiet time. I often sing the simple tune to prepare my heart in personal or corporate worship. It is nothing but simplicity in words and in song, but it indicates a dedication to living for God every single day.

Lord, as I come to You,
In this most holy place,
Please silent down my heart
And consecrate my praise.
Remove my earthly cares
And worries for the day,
Please cleanse my every sin,
And dwell in me today.

Friday, July 13, 2007

When I Am Gone

Over all these years, this has remained my favorite poetic composition. It is the poem that I hope to live by, and it is the poem I wish to have read at my death. This, after all, is what really matters, when I am gone.

Remember not my weaknesses,
Remember not my shame,
Remember not how I had worked
To glorify my name.
Remember not accomplishments
That people called my own;
Remember not the words nor deeds
That blessed me with renown.

Remember now the instances,
Though few and scarce they be,
When you beheld my human form
But saw the Lord in me.
Remember all His promises
Of faith, of hope, of love;
Remember that I have returned
At last to home above.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Your Symphony

I very seldom write with analogies, and this is one of my attempts. As a music lover, I often revel in the wonder of numerous instruments coming together to form thrilling symphonic music. Yet the wonder of the music could not come together by chance. Each instrument had to faithfully and patiently follow the music score, and the Conductor.

Lord, write with me Your symphony,
Beginning to the end,
That I may grow and learn to blend
With heav’nly harmony.

Lord, help me when the single notes
Form chords I cannot play,
And trust that each progression will
Resolve in Your own way.
Lord, help me wait through interludes
Though measures long they be,
And still believe that in Your time,
I’ll hear the symphony.

Lord, help me play when instruments
Of those apart from me,
Don’t join with mine like music done
For godly harmony.
Lord, help me then to play my lot
Within the score You’ve giv’n,
And trust that all of us could form
A symphony for heav’n.

Lord, write with me Your symphony,
Divinest harmony...