Saturday, November 04, 2006

Curtain of Dreams

This is a liberal adaptation of one of my favorite Chinese poems by the popular novelist Chung Yao. The story that originally contained the poem was about a Taiwanese young girl who was disliked by society because of her dreamy, unrealistic character. Her dreams finally did come true when a dashing millionaire married her and brought her to a life of fantastic romance in Europe.

My curtain of dreams
That glistens and gleams
So few people understand
The secrets you hold
Are so manifold
They stretch towards ev'ry land

The long years fly by
As I with a sigh
Keep wond'ring why there is none
Who would but redeem
Just one of my dreams
Yet now I'm still all alone

O where is the one
Who fin'ly would come
To be with me evermore
For he would esteem
My curtain of dreams
As much as I had before

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