Saturday, November 11, 2006

Zion, Call Forth Every Soul

This is a piece that grew in its writing. Although a few sentences may yet need to be refined, I enjoy this little work for the fun that it gave me in writing it. I'm glad I managed to pass on the letter Q, but I had no choice but to compromise with letter X.

Almighty Sovereign, He is King
Beyond the farthest lands;
Come follow Him, all tribes and tongue,
Do heed His each command;
Eternal God, He reigns on high,
Forever glorious,
God over every universe,
High King o’er each of us;
Immortal Master of the earth,
Just, pure, omnipotent,
Kind, merciful, and full of grace,
Lamb, sacrificed for men;
More fair than roses in the field,
Ne’er shadowed by the sun,
Omniscient, searching mind and heart,
Perfector, God’s own Son;
Queen Sheba’s jewels fade ‘fore Him,
Rich magi bow their knee,
Such is the wonder of our King,
True, mighty majesty;
Unfathomable, never seen,
Voiced by creation’s best,
With gratefulness and joyous song,
eXalt Him from within.
Yet mighty God though He may be, He lends the weary rest.

Zion, call forth every soul, and praise Him with thy best!

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Smile By! said...

I think it's just perfect the way it is. I've read something like this and they also used eXalt when they got to the letter X. I agree with you with the letter Q; I never realized that could be used that way. Happy writing!