Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Sit Beneath the Willow Tree

Yes, yes, I'm taking advantage of February to post all my better works upon the theme of hearts and romance. When else could I post them, right?

There is a dream within the heart of every young girl of waiting for her prince. I wrote this almost four years ago, but the dream persists for me today. I often wonder if I've met him already, or not yet. I sometimes wonder if he exists at all. Yet, "still I'll wait so faithfully, beneath the willow bower."

I sit beneath the willow tree,
There waiting for my lover;
With heart and soul and all of me
Quite bursting in the cover.

I cannot wait until the time
When he should come to shower
My tingling ears with loving rhymes
Beneath the willow bower.

I long to have his tender eyes
Meet mine with love enamored,
And soon dismiss as petty lies
The world—so bright and glamoured.

I yearn for times when he would clasp
My hands in fervent passion,
With all our lives within our grasp
In heartfelt dedication.

I look towards the time when he
Will hold me near heart’s beating,
That I might close my eyes to see
Our dreams in one mind meeting.

I sit beneath the willow tree
There waiting for my lover;
I do not know, by chance, if he
Is just a dreamy rover
Who’ll rampart in my fantasy
Until my life is over;
But still I’ll wait so faithfully
Beneath the willlow bower.