Sunday, May 04, 2008

Wife Checklist: Seeking the Answers

This counterpart to February’s “Husband Checklist” has been extremely difficult for me to prepare. How dare I publish it while I continually discover so many shortcomings in myself? Yet for the same reason I wrote the former counterpart, I compiled this one with the help of a few male advisors. May the guys be reminded to seek these qualities; and the girls, including me, to pursue them--the qualities, that is.

1. Does she find joy in being a woman?

2. Will I trust her with the training and caring of my children?

3. Will she be a good partner to help me in my life calling?

4. Does she exercise self-discipline over

heart and deeds alike?

5. Does she enjoy making the house a home?

6. Is her outlook submissive or complaining?

7. Does she exhibit modesty in dress, speech, and actions?

8. Would she support me in my struggles
and rejoice in my triumphs?

9. Would I take pride in her hand in marriage?

10. Does she seek to serve more than to gain?

11. Does she pursue inward character
more than outward beauty?

12. Will she help me grow in Christ?

13. Will she honor my parents?

14. Will she let me put God first?